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Unveiling a Brevard Community’s Plumber: Brandon Hayes of EK Coggin Plumbing

In the heart of our bustling community lies a humble hero, armed not with a cape but with wrenches and expertise. Brandon Hayes, a dedicated plumber from EK Coggin Plumbing, is more than just a fixer of leaks and unclogger of drains. He’s a cherished member of our local fabric, deeply connected to the people and places that make our community special.

Brandon's Favorite Spots and Hidden Gems

When Brandon isn’t elbows deep in pipes, you might find him exploring the quaint corners of Cocoa Village, a treasure trove of local charm. Amidst the brick-lined streets and historic storefronts, he discovers solace and inspiration. One of his cherished hidden gems is The Enchanted Forest in Cocoa, where he finds peace amidst nature’s embrace.

Local Haunts and Eateries

Like any true local, Brandon has his favorite spots for a bite to eat or a cup of joe. Ossorio Bakery & Cafe holds a special place in his heart, where the aroma of freshly baked goods welcomes him like an old friend.

Memorable Moments in the Community

Throughout his years as a plumber, Brandon has encountered countless memorable moments within our community. One such instance stands out vividly—a poignant encounter with a grieving homeowner whose mother had recently passed. As Brandon worked on her heater, he noticed her eyes light up at the sight of his cardinal tattoo. She explained to Brandon that her last words to her mother were, “Come back as a cardinal so I know you’re okay.” Brandon’s presence, and his tattoo, brought comfort and reassurance to a grieving soul that her mother was okay.

Community Connection and Professional Approach

Brandon’s connection to the community isn’t just surface-level; it permeates his approach to his work. Each customer isn’t just a job; they’re a neighbor, a friend, someone whose comfort and well-being matter deeply to him. Beyond his work as a plumber, Brandon actively participates in community events like the monthly art show in Cocoa Village. He’s also passionate about supporting initiatives that help veterans and uplifting the community’s spirit.

Personal Touch and Professional Philosophy

Rooted in integrity and fueled by a relentless drive to excel, Brandon’s approach to both his personal and professional life is guided by values instilled in him from a young age. Wrestling taught him the importance of giving his all in everything he does, a lesson he carries with him every day.

Plumbing Expertise and Industry Insights

With years of experience under his belt, Brandon specializes in residential plumbing, tackling challenges from leaky pipes to complex re-piping projects. His dedication to staying updated on the latest plumbing techniques and technologies, from TikTok tutorials to industry advancements like epoxy lining, sets him apart in the field.

A Legacy of Pride and Achievement

For Brandon, the greatest achievement isn’t measured in accolades or certifications—it’s in the pride of being a devoted husband and father. His commitment to his family fuels his drive to excel in all aspects of his life, leaving a legacy of integrity and excellence in his wake.

In Brandon Hayes, we see more than just a plumber; we see a beacon of community spirit, a testament to the power of connection and compassion in every task, big or small. As he continues to weave his expertise into the fabric of our community, Brandon reminds us that sometimes, the truest heroes are the ones who quietly keep our world running smoothly.