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Do it yourself Projects – Be sure that any replacement fixtures you buy will have readily available parts for the forseeable future.

Water Shutoff – Be sure that everyone in your house knows where the main water shutoff is.

Water Meter – If there is no water being used in the house then the dials on the meter should not move, if they are moving that indicates a leak somewhere in the house – typically a toilet.

Stop Valves – You should know where all stop valves are in the house. You should also check their reliability every so often.

Garbage Disposals – If your disposal is clogged be sure to turn off the water and the power before attempting to unclog the drain. It is better to use cold water than hot when running the disposal.

Hoses – When done with a sink always runcold water through the lines – this will lengthen the life of your hoses. You should also replace the washers in your hoses twice a year.

Water Heaters – Hot water heaters should be completely flushed at least once a year.

Kitchen Sinks – Never put coffee grounds, carrot peels, egg shells, pasta, rice, grease, or potato peels down the sink drain.