What is a thermal expansion tank?

The Importance of a Thermal Expansion Tank for Water Heaters

The thermal expansion tank is an important part of any water heater system. They help maintain the right pressure levels in the plumbing system and ensure that the water heater does not overheat or suffer from too much pressure. In this blog, we’ll discuss why expansion tanks are so important for water heaters and how they work. 

Here you can also find more information about the cost of an expansion tank, based on your plumbing and size of water heater.

What is a Thermal Expansion Tank?

new installation of a thermal expansion tank on a water heater by coggin plumbing
A recently installed expansion tank by a Coggin professional

A thermal expansion tank is a device that helps regulate the pressure in a water heater system. It works to absorb the increased pressure that is created when the water is heated.

This pressure can cause damage to the pipes and fixtures in the system, so the tank helps to prevent this. The tank is typically installed just after the water heater and is connected to the cold water line.

How Does It Work?

When the water in the heater is heated, it expands and increases the pressure in the system. The tank is designed to absorb this extra pressure, preventing it from damaging the pipes and fixtures in the system.

The tank is filled with air, which is compressed as the pressure in the system increases. This helps to regulate the pressure and keep it at a safe level.

Why is it Important to Have One?

It is important to have an expansion tank in order to protect your plumbing system from damage caused by excess pressure. Without a tank, the pressure in the system can become too high and cause the pipes to burst or the fixtures to leak.

This can lead to costly repairs and water damage. By having an expansion tank in place, you can be sure that your plumbing system is protected and that the pressure is kept at a safe level.

Get your Thermal Expansion Tank Checked or Installed

If you are unsure of how to check the pressure in your thermal expansion tank or how to maintain it, it is best to contact a professional plumber. They can inspect the system and make sure it is functioning properly.

Expansion tanks are an important part of a plumbing system and help protect your pipes and fixtures from dangerous levels of pressure. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure they are functioning correctly.

If you are in need of assistance, contact a professional plumber to help maintain your thermal expansion tank.