Gas Water Heaters vs Electric?

Electric vs Gas Water Heaters

Your electric and gas water heaters are some of the most crucial appliances in your home, yet you probably don’t give it much thought. While that’s good, you should think about a replacement after a decade has passed so your heater doesn’t break down.

gas water heaters navien npe-24S2 tankless
A recent tankless gas installation

Pictured is a recent installation by a Coggin plumber of a Navien tankless gas heater. 

There are many options available today, but the choice ultimately comes down to gas water heaters versus electric. For some, the decision is simple: if your home doesn’t have gas, use electric. However, you do have a choice between the two.

What makes a difference, then?

The Cost of Gas Water Heaters and Electric

The price is determined by the water heater’s size, age, efficiency, and quality, just like it is with any other home appliance. The likelihood that a unit will last longer, be more effective, and save you more money increases with its price.

Although you’ll need to look beyond the initial cost to make an accurate comparison, gas and electric water heaters are very different in price. Gas is more expensive than electric, but they have lower operating costs (because gas is typically less expensive than electricity), whereas electric water heaters have a lower sticker price but can have higher monthly electric bills.

Which One Heats Faster?

Gas is the way to go if you want an unit that heats up quickly. This is due to the fact that electric heaters rely on using heat from the air around them to start. If you live in a warmer place, you might not notice the difference, but if you have cold winters, a gas water heater might be something to think about.

The peak of efficiency in an electric water heater is the heat pump unit. Before you buy, do some research to see if the unit can handle what you need it for.

bradford white gas water heaters
Natural gas water heater installation

Is A Gas Water Heater More Efficient?

There are two main advantages that gas heaters have over electric ones. Gas will heat water more quickly than electric ones in heaters of same size, heating power, and capacity, because gas burns hotter than an electric heating element. The cost of gas is also another important benefit.

Despite costing more than the electric heaters on average, gas water heaters are less expensive to own since natural gas is typically less expensive than electricity. You will use less energy each month as a result of that and the faster heating.

In general, gas water heaters cost around 20% more than electric ones, but the energy savings will eventually offset this cost. A gas water heater is then a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

What About Tankless Water Heaters?

Both gas and electric models of tankless water heaters are available. They can save up to 35% more energy since they heat the water as you use it rather than keeping it in a tank.

Before making a purchase, make sure to speak with an expert because these are a completely different breed and depend on “flow rate” requirements.

When in Doubt, Call The Experts

A handy homeowner can replace an electric water heater, but it’s still a challenging task. This presents a chance to reduce costs. However, if something goes wrong you could find yourself in a more expensive problem than with a typical install.

Then there are gas water heaters. Only a qualified and skilled plumber should replace a gas water heater. An expert should connect the gas valves, make sure of a safe flow, venting, and check for leaks.

A buildup of natural gas within the house could result from incorrectly installed valves or venting problems. If carbon monoxide builds up, or there is an explosion, there may be grave results.

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