Water Heater Installation

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New Rheem Water Heater Installed

Do I Need A Hot Water Heater Replacement?

For a variety of reasons, homeowners may want to replace their tank. However, Coggin Plumbing frequently receives inquiries on when it is best to invest in a replacement.

Often homeowners realize they need a replacement when they discover either a leak, or no hot water at the tap. Pictured is a newly replaced tank manufactured by Rheem.

Of course, the answer varies based on the type you own, but in general, homeowners will want to look for a replacement when:

    • Aging: Water heaters typically last 10 years or less. If your unit is older than this, it might be time to consider replacing it. Older units frequently lose a significant amount of their efficiency and are more prone to failure. In most circumstances, investing in a new water heater will result in long-term financial savings.
    • No Hot Water: The absence of warm water is a common indicator of malfunction. You can try changing your unit’s element(s), but if it doesn’t work, you might want to consider buying a new one.
    • Rusting: Your water heater’s tank may be rusted. You can notice that your water has a metallic taste or a rusty tint even if you haven’t checked the appliance itself. Both of these warrant contacting Coggin Plumbing.
    • Leaking: A leaking tank or puddles are indicators of serious issues. Your tank may be broken, which could cause flooding in your house. The best course of action is to make an immediate call to a plumber.
    • Noises: It may indicate debris is accumulating in your water heater if you start to hear rumbling or other strange noises coming from your tank. Although this noise appears to be little more than an annoyance, it may indicate that your tank has fractures or breaks.

Taking Care of Water Heater Installation

Coggin Plumbing can assist you once you’ve discovered an issue with your water heater. You can get assistance from our knowledgeable staff in selecting the ideal water heater for your needs.

As we work with you to reduce your alternatives, we’ll let you know the benefits and drawbacks of each model. After you’ve decided, we’ll handle the entire installation procedure.

Your Brevard County home will have hot water running through it in no time!

As Always, Know Your Price Before We Start!

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