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Sink Installation

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At Coggin Plumbing we are experts at custom sink installations. Many different sink styles exist such as:

  • undermount sink
  • self-rimming sink
  • double sink
  • single bowl
  • triple sink
  • ultra-deep sink
  • irregular shape sink

We can customize the installation to your needs. We also have experience installing sinks in many different countertop types such as granite, tile, hard wood, and many more. 

Sinks are constructed of many different materials including:

  • enamel steel
  • stainless steel
  • cast iron
  • brass
  • stone
  • composites

Each combination of sink and countertop requires a different approach. Let our industry leading experts customize you installation.

For those that would like further information about DIY or steps that most installers follow, check out this clip: TIPS

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