Do you keep getting a clogged toilet?

Clogged Toilet – Causes and Fixes

plumber installing a new toilet seat

You’re wondering what to do because your toilet keeps backing up. It’s returned despite the fact that you’ve already used a plunger or even contacted a plumber. An occasional clogged toilet is irritating. A persistent obstruction, though, is a major issue.

You’re in luck since we’re going to list the most frequent causes of a clogged toilet. In addition, we’ll explain the solution. While some issues, like a running toilet, are simple to remedy, a clogged toilet frequently necessitates a visit from a plumber.

It’s time to get dirty and conduct some additional research.

Putting the Wrong Things Down the Toilet

If you’re a parent, then you’re aware that items occasionally find their way down the toilet that shouldn’t. However, even adults flush inappropriate items down the toilet. These things consist of:

  • Wet Wipes
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Tissues
  • “Flushable” Wipes

Keep in mind that only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed into the toilet. Do not flush certain products down the toilet, despite their claims to be flushable.

Using Excessive Amounts of Toilet Paper

If you’ve ever potty trained your kids, then you know they’re guilty of grabbing huge wads of toilet paper. That much toilet paper, if allowed down the drain, can result in a toilet clog. 

You’ll have the same issue if someone in your household uses excessive amounts of toilet paper. Massive wads may become jammed. Your toilet will so continue to clog if you don’t identify the offender.

The Flapper Needs a Fix

The flapper rises as a result of flushing the toilet. The flapper raises, and water pours into the bowl. You will experience issues if the flapper does not lift sufficiently. There won’t be enough water to flush the waste and toilet paper down the pipes.

Good news! A flapper fix is a straightforward DIY job. This issue is also simple to identify. Simply lift the toilet cover to flush. Make sure the flapper raises all the way by keeping an eye on it.

You should also be aware that not all flappers are the same. The amount of water that should flush from a toilet is predetermined. Make sure to choose the appropriate flapper. Your flapper can be modified by a plumber to enable it to flush more water.

Purchase a flapper from the store to solve this issue. Your toilet needs the flapper installed. Then watch to see if you get another clogged toilet.

Mineral Buildup Causes a Clogged Toilet

If your flapper has been replaced, it’s time to think about how old your toilet is. The buildup of mineral deposits may be the issue if your toilet is old.

Water has to go quickly from the tank to the bowl when you flush the toilet. There are two places where the water enters your bowl. It first runs around the top of your toilet. It then moves through a hole in the bowl’s base.

The openings around the upper rim of the toilet bowl may become clogged with mineral deposits. Your flush loses force as a result.

There is a short test you can run if you think the issue is with your old toilet.

Grab a water bucket that holds two to three gallons. Pour it into your toilet bowl. It’s time for a new toilet if the toilet still flushes vigorously (as it should). Call a qualified plumber if the flush is still weak because you’ve just identified the issue is with your drainage.

The Clog is Relocating

plumber installing a new u bend pipe in a bathroom

A blockage frequently begins in one place and travels down your pipes. And even while the blockage might seem to be resolved after the initial repair, it can reappear within a few days.

As the obstruction advances farther from your clogged toilet, you frequently have to exert more effort to clear it. Although a plunger initially works, you might require an auger the following time. You might think about calling a plumber if the obstruction persists.

A plumber will have the necessary equipment. To clear the obstruction, he can use an auger or a plumbing snake. To make sure the obstruction is removed, he can also insert a camera in your pipes.

It might be time to bring in the big guns if your toilet continues clogging.

Something is Caught in the Toilet Trap

The gases in your plumbing pipes are separated from the air in your home by a plumbing trap. However, things could potentially become caught in the trap.

If there is an obstruction in your trap, your toilet will continue to clog. A plunger could help clear the obstruction. But because the root issue wasn’t fixed, more clogs will develop.

You can only examine the trap for obstructions by taking out the toilet, turning it upside down, and doing so. You don’t want to attempt this by yourself. And you shouldn’t do it until it’s your last option.

Underlying Pipe Problems Can Create a Clogged Toilet

Consider your pipes to be arteries. Your arteries may form plaque over time. Your blood flow is restricted by plaque formation, which causes health issues.

In a similar manner, the “plaque” in your pipes can accumulate. Over time, household cleaning products, calcium, and grease can accumulate in your pipes. This accumulation reduces water flow, which also causes more obstructions.

Your pipes may have buildup if you reside in an older home and your toilets frequently clog. We suggest using a hydro-jetting service to address this issue.

Plumbing Vent Issues

A clogged plumbing venting is occasionally to blame. The plumbing vent allows air to flow into your pipes. This is crucial for controlling water flow.

It’s like poking your finger in the end of the straw when a plumbing vent becomes clogged. Plumbing vents that are blocked prevent water from flowing.

If your plumbing vents are blocked, your toilet may continue to clog. A clogged plumbing vent will impede the flow of water. Your toilets will keep clogging because of the water’s slow drainage. Your vent pipes can be checked and cleaned by a plumber.

You might also try running water through the vent pipes with a hose.

Coggin Plumbing Can Help

One of the causes we’ve outlined above is probably at fault if your toilet keeps backing up.

Some of the answers are simple. But occasionally you’ll need a plumber. A group of courteous, experienced plumbers work for Coggin.

One of your best options is to hire a plumber to use a camera. Once we put a camera in your pipes, we see what the real problem is. Once we discover the true reason your toilets keep clogging, we can fix it.

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