Shower Pans

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What is a Shower Pan and What is it Made Of? A shower pan is the waterproof base that lines the bottom of a shower and prevents water from leaking onto the floor. It is typically made of a plastic or vinyl material, sometimes reinforced with fiberglass, that is designed to be water resistant. Shower pans also often feature an integrated tile lip, which helps to protect the walls of the shower from water damage.…

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What is a thermal expansion tank?

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The Importance of a Thermal Expansion Tank for Water Heaters The thermal expansion tank is an important part of any water heater system. They help maintain the right pressure levels in the plumbing system and ensure that the water heater does not overheat or suffer from too much pressure. In this blog, we'll discuss why expansion tanks are so important for water heaters and how they work.  Here you can also find more information about…

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Gas Water Heaters vs Electric?

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Electric vs Gas Water HeatersYour electric and gas water heaters are some of the most crucial appliances in your home, yet you probably don't give it much thought. While that's good, you should think about a replacement after a decade has passed so your heater doesn't break down.Pictured is a recent installation by a Coggin plumber of a Navien tankless gas heater. There are many options available today, but the choice ultimately comes down to gas…

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Water Heater Installation

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Do I Need A Hot Water Heater Replacement? For a variety of reasons, homeowners may want to replace their tank. However, Coggin Plumbing frequently receives inquiries on when it is best to invest in a replacement. Often homeowners realize they need a replacement when they discover either a leak, or no hot water at the tap. Pictured is a newly replaced tank manufactured by Rheem. Of course, the answer varies based on the type you…

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Do you keep getting a clogged toilet?

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Clogged Toilet - Causes and Fixes You're wondering what to do because your toilet keeps backing up. It's returned despite the fact that you've already used a plunger or even contacted a plumber. An occasional clogged toilet is irritating. A persistent obstruction, though, is a major issue. You're in luck since we're going to list the most frequent causes of a clogged toilet. In addition, we'll explain the solution. While some issues, like a running…

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Custom Sink Installation

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Custom Sink Expertly InstalledAsk About Our Free In-Home Estimates.At Coggin Plumbing we are experts at custom sink installations. Many different sink styles exist such as:undermount sinkself-rimming sinkdouble sinksingle bowltriple sinkultra-deep sinkirregular shape sinkWe can customize the installation to your needs. We also have experience installing sinks in many different countertop types such as granite, tile, hard wood, and many more. Sinks are constructed of many different materials including:enamel steelstainless steelcast ironbrassstonecompositesEach combination of sink and countertop…

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