Do you keep getting a clogged toilet?

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Clogged Toilet - Causes and Fixes You're wondering what to do because your toilet keeps backing up. It's returned despite the fact that you've already used a plunger or even contacted a plumber. An occasional clogged toilet is irritating. A persistent obstruction, though, is a major issue. You're in luck since we're going to list the most frequent causes of a clogged toilet. In addition, we'll explain the solution. While some issues, like a running…

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Custom Sink Installation

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Custom Sink Expertly InstalledAsk About Our Free In-Home Estimates.At Coggin Plumbing we are experts at custom sink installations. Many different sink styles exist such as:undermount sinkself-rimming sinkdouble sinksingle bowltriple sinkultra-deep sinkirregular shape sinkWe can customize the installation to your needs. We also have experience installing sinks in many different countertop types such as granite, tile, hard wood, and many more. Sinks are constructed of many different materials including:enamel steelstainless steelcast ironbrassstonecompositesEach combination of sink and countertop…

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